Gabriel Fliflet grew up in a fertile musical environment-- he was sung to in Swedish by his Finnish mother, and in German or Hungarian by his polyglot Norwegian father. It is not surprising, then, that he has made a career of frolicking in various folk traditions, Norwegian and foreign. In 2011, Gabriel Fliflet was given the Norwegian award "Folk Musician of the Year". Accordion is his main instrument, but he plays piano and sings as well.

Fliflet has worked with many of the leading folk musicians in Norway, but most well-known is his partnership with drummer Ole Hamre in the enigmatic duo Fliflet/Hamre. They have created a style all their own – they call it Bergen music from the world – but the Balkans are often nor far away. Fliflet/Hamre have worked with artists from a wide spectrum of music.

Gabriel Fliflet has made several commissioned works: Elvemot, Edvards lykkelige dag (ordered by Edvard Grieg Museum Troldhaugen) and Åresong  (Bergen International Festival 2010) with new texts by the great Norwegian playwright Jon Fosse. He won much praise for the work and the CD Åresong (NORCD 1102).

From 2013 to 2015, Fliflet toured with his commisioned work, Valseria (Vossajazz 2013), which also resulted in his new CD Valseria (EM 107). Here, Gabriel Fliflet combines a childlike playfulness with the utmost seriousness, denying that there is any contradiction between the two. The irrefutable non-squareness of the waltz form makes it the perfect vehicle for Gabriel’s eclectic curiosity and creativity. All the compositions here are Gabriel’s, but a life in folk music leaves its mark – so there are resonances here from both Norwegian and other European musical traditions.

His last commissioned work is ROSE (Vossajazz 2016): New melodies to well-known texts by Robert Burns, translated into Norwegian by award-winning Johannes Gjerdåker. In Rose, Gabriel Fliflet has brought along two of Norway´s most gifted folk music performers: Kirsten Bråten Berg (song, jew´s harp) and Anders Røine (langeleik, jew´s harp, guitar, fiddle, song).

Fliflet's various musical projects show the range of his curiosity. For over thirty years he explored Norwegian old-time dance music with the group Rimfakse. He has toured with Shetland musicians, including the legendary Willie Hunter and Willie Johnson. He has worked with musicians from Serbia, Lapland and Finland, explored Yiddish and Gypsy traditions. Since 1999 he has been musical host and organiser of Norway’s foremost folk club, Columbi Egg in Bergen.

In the quartet Novgorod, he explores ethnic popular music from The Baltics.
Fliflet is also a member of the world´s only French-English-Norwegian folk music group: Five Men in a Boat.

Gabriel Fliflet
Nøstegaten 56
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Tel. +47 47 31 74 51
e-mail: gabriel [dt] fliflet [at] gmail [dt] com